Customer Newsletter: May 2008
More Service and More Value to you.
Here is an update on the latest enhancements to SPS. 
The focus during the last few months has been to continue enhance SPS with capability to help you to shine even more as you market your Listings.
More function, easier to use, more ways to exploit your listing data, faster for you and better service - all at an unbeatable price.
What would you like to see in SPS??
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Featured Websites: A nice set of photos. Looks great! 44 large images - great virtual tour slideshow!

Please send me your feedback and experiences!

Paul Eastwood
Single Property Sites Inc.
Latest Time and Money Saving Enhancements:
NEW: Craigslist Auto-Poster gets listings on craigslist in seconds. We have continued to develop our Craigslist posting system and this is now completely automated. Just type in the craigslist codeword and your listing is automatically posted to craigslist as an elegant SPS-style, website flyer.
NEW: Manage Photos more easily with our new MANAGE PHOTOS system. FAST-FOTO already makes uploading multiple large images a breeze. Our new Version 2.0 brings an improved way to do this with a single MANAGE PHOTOS page for uploading all images, a 'drag-and-drop' to re-sequence and also you can choose any image to be the home page photo. You will save hours compared to other systems!
NEW: PDF Print Flyers saves you time and money. Sites are now presented with a selection of auto-generated print-quality PDF flyers. We will be adding to this selection soon.
NEW: Listings sent to Zillow® for enhanced exposure. Checkout the 'Feeds and Promotion' services for your listings and you'll see Zillow is now included.
NEW: Support for VIDEO. We have made it easy to embed VIDEO in your listing site in a variety of ways.
See the VIDEO link option in EDIT/PROMOTE for your listing.
NEW: More photos on Home Page for a more compelling presentation. You can now choose to display a row of thumbnail photos on your home page. This option is set in the new MANAGE PHOTOS page in the OPTIONS tab.
NEW: Support for REALPING.
We have made it easy to engage with porspective clients with support for RealPing "Click to Call" Service in your listing site. Just provide your REALPING ID in your Profile (see Your Account/ Profile).
NEW: More Widgets for more automated marketing. We have added new 'single property' widgets to the widget page. Click on the WIDGET icon on the MANAGE SITES page to create any widgets. Widgets allow you automatically present your listing data (for sale, solds etc) to any other website in a specific way - for example, a scrolling list of your 'For Sales' etc.
NEW: 18 inch wide sign riders. We now supply sign riders in 24 and 18 inch wide - all in our high-quality, flexible plastic with a choice of colored lettering and holes pre-drilled (these are not coro-board!)
NEW: Enhanced Support and Control for Offices and Teams, or anyone with Lots of Listings. A new MANAGE SITES page makes it easy to manage hundreds of listings and multiple agents. New 'Search' and 'Filter' fields give you quick access to your listings.
NEW: New Pricing. The more you use our service, the lower the price. Subscription levels now extend to 200, or 300 or even 400 listings which pushes the price-per-listing to around $1 per listing per month. Our unlimited service is available for an office, for $400 per month.
NEW: Centralized Statistics. A new centralized Statistics page gives you all the intelligence you need for all your sites - all in one page. This is the new STATISTICS icon on the MANAGE SITES page.
Other Enhancements
ZERO prices now blank out. If the price is set to 0, then it will not display on the website.
Improved SEND TO A FRIEND. We have improved the format of the Send to a Friend email.
More property types supported. We now support many new property types.
LIVE Support. You will see that we now have LIVE support (chat) shown at the foot of your account pages.
Don't Forget!
Urgent Problems or issues? Always use the HELP option at the foot of all Account pages and follow this to the HELP area where there is a CONTACT US. Use this to submit a ticket to us. Your outstanding tickets are then shown in the MANAGE SITES page in the center area (only shown if you have an open ticket!)
Updated NEWS and Knowledge Base. Want to know how to use SPS for FSBO marketing? Want to know how to COPY a site? Simply click on the red HELP button when you are logged in to your account (foot of the page) and the new Knowledge Base should have all the answers you need!
Use SPS as a FSBO Marketing Tool. Create a site for your FSBO and then EDIT and select "FSBO Options" to transform the site into a FSBO site, provided by you!
Hints and Tips
ACTIVATE Site. Don't forget to ACTIVATE your site to make it LIVE! Click the 'De-activate' button to turn it off and free up one of your Activations which you can use again straight away.
Copy a Site. Use COPY to quickly create a new site and maintain all the old links and documents. Don't forget to change the street address!
FAST FOTO V2.0 You will upload megapixel images in seconds. Make sure your firewalls and security settings have as a trusted domain so that we can use COOKIES etc. Please contact us via the HELP desk if you need assistance.
Log in - click here
See the Red HELP button at the foot of the page when you are logged in. There is a CONTACT US link there so you can submit questions and issues to us. You'll be surprised how quickly we get back to you!
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1 site: $12 / mth
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5 sites: $29 / mth
10 sites $49 /mth
100 sites $279 /mth
200 sites $334 /mth
unlimited $400 /mth
(Multi-profile / 'Office Solution' is available at 10 or more )
Our service is subscription based. Subscribing to a certain level of activations allows you to make that number of sites live during a month.
Activations are like batteries - make a site live, then make it offline, then make another site live and so on. See Pricing here
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