Mobile Property Websites - Mobile Marketing

mobile property websites for real estate marketing Mobile Property Websites gives you everything you need for marketing to Consumers with Mobile Devices.

Every Single Property Site now has an automatically generated mobile property website for al your mobile marketing needs.

Each time you create a Single Property Website, we automatically create a mobile version exclusively formatted for the mobile platform. This makes it easy for buyers to view your property information directly from their phone's browser, wherever they may be!

Android and iPhone are fully supported!

Mobile Property Website QR CodeTry it now - scan the QR Code or go to on your mobile phone. All the same listing data is there along with all your photos.
Our systems will identify your mobile device and present the best looking mobile website to the consumer.

android and iphone mobile property websites

Mobile Property Websites Content

Mobile Property Websites are generated automatically with all the following information:

  • Home page with main property photo
  • Your contact details prominently displayed with phone number links
  • Property Photos page
  • Contact Form
  • Showing Request form
  • Map

Call Capture and SMS Text Integration

Using the SPS Enhanced Lead Capture feature, you can give buyers direct access to property information in a variety of ways.

1-800 Recorded messages, SMS text flyers and click to call.

Click to learn more about mobile Call Capture, Text Messaging and 800 lead capture